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Dear future list builder

Congratulations on your purchase of 'The Affiliate Marketer's Handbook' you are well on your way to having your first profitable affiliate marketing campaign.

But if you really want to accelerate your affiliate marketing business then pay close attention to every word on this page.

If you've been in the internet marketing space for any length of time then you will have seen all the 'push-button' riches scams floating around.

As much as I totally agree there is no such thing as 'push-button' riches. There is something that comes mighty close and that is....

Building An Email List…

You type an email promoting a product, you 'push' the send button and you make sales.

But let's face it. List building is hard

Gone are the days where prospects would eagerly hand over there email addresses willy-nilly. Just because they are excited to receive an email from someone.

Did you know the average office worker gets 121 emails every day. There are over 2.5 billion emails sent every single day. People are secretive with their details now more than ever. They don’t want you clogging up there inbox with even more ‘junk’.

But what if there was a way that I could show you to actually have people looking forward to getting emails from you.

How you could have prospects kicking your virtual door down and clambering onto your list by the truckload begging you to send them emails.

Imagine what that could do for your business.

Here Is Where This All Started…

Back in 2009 I discovered this make money online thing.

After chasing shiny objects and instant riches schemes for a couple of years I decided to start taking it seriously

Every ‘guru’ out there was telling me ‘the moneys in the list’ the moneys in the list’ but I thought I knew better.

I can do things different I thought. I’ll send traffic direct to affiliate offers and make it work.


Can you guess how much money I made using this strategy


You got it. Sweet F.A


Don’t get me wrong I made some money. But it was barely enough to even pay for my tv license

That is when it dawned on me that all this ‘list’ talk might have some thing to it.

If you send traffic to a website or an affiliate offer you only get ONE chance. If you get them on a list you’ll get multiple.

So I started to build my own list….

That is When Things Started to Turn Around!

Don’t get me wrong I have made a few mistakes trying to master this list building ‘thing’

But there is a ‘tried and tested’ system that, when done right, will explode your email list.

So what is this system I hear you cry?

Well it has 3 steps

Step #1: Create a highly valuable free giveaway

Step #2: Build a squeeze page

Step #3: Integrate an autoresponder

Voila. Your list building machine is ready to ‘just add traffic’

Don’t be daunted by any of these steps. Trust me ANYONE can do this with the right tools and the right system to follow.

Which is what I reveal in…..

Guerilla List Building

Launch Your First Profitable Affiliate Marketing
Campaign - In The Next 30 Days

By the time you have completed this training and implemented ALL the steps you will have...

  • Your very own unique lead magnet that your subscribers actually want
  • A professionally built squeeze page with high-converting copy (even if you have never done this before)
  • An auto-responder account ready to receive eager buyers.

Here’s more of what’s included...

  • Why using ‘common sense’ is a bad idea when creating lead magnets.
  • You'll learn how to churn out high-converting copy in record time (it won’t make you a world class copywriter but you don’t need to be)
  • The weird forum hack that gets your prospects to practically write your lead magnet for you
  • How NOT to create a lead magnet (trust me I see this all the time)
  • How to build a professional looking squeeze page in under 5 mins with ZERO technical skills (If I can do this anyone can)

Ok now let’s talk about the cost.

How much do you think learning this system could be worth to you?



Let me be clear. This system works in ANY niche. So you could build multiple

email lists in multiple markets (once you get good at it) think how much MORE money you could make.

Now you’re starting to see the power of having this ‘rinse and repeat’ system.

Well you can get your hands on it today but the incredibly low price of

just... $27.

That's right, you can get your hands on this entire thing for a single payment of $27, if you act RIGHT now.

Just hit the "Add to Cart" button below to make your secure payment and you can get started with the "Guerrilla List Building" in the next few minutes.

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Yup. You did read that right. For just $27 you can get your grubby mits on my entire list building system that will have prospects scrambling onto your list day in day out.

You probably spent more than that on your Friday night take-away.


I’m not keeping this at $27 forever. As this is a new product I’m keeping it low as an introductory offer. So you need to act RIGHT NOW to avoid disappointment. It could be taken down without warning, if you close this page and come back tomorrow then you might be too late.

And all the risk is on me…..


If you aren’t 100% blown away with the strategies I share with you and you don’t think it is worth the money then I will gladly give you your money back.

Just shoot me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I will give you a 100% refund no questions asked.

Talk soon

Dan Craig

Dan Craig
Founder, Dan Craig Marketing

P.S For all you ‘skimmers’ out there. For a measly $27 you can get your hands on my entire 3 step list building system that you can repeat as many times as you like in as many markets as you like.

P.P.S This extremely low price is only an introductory offer. If you close this age and come back tomorrow it may well have been removed.

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